Animals Anonymous?

Animals Anonymous is a humorous comic strip that was created in the beginning of 2009. Back then a certain magazine was looking for a good comic strip to publish. This was a catalyst for Joonas Lehtimäki, who decided to start drawing something he had had in his mind for a while: Cute animals conversing about uneasy matters, like incest or interior point methods.

As it turned out, the magazine was not interested, but the march of the Animals Anonymous was now unstoppable. About a year after it’s creation, the strip got into the hands of the editor in chief at Nyt-liite of Helsingin Sanomat and finally saw the daylight as a published newspaper strip in March 2010. Almost simultaniously, Animals Anonymous had made their way to the pages of Aalto University’s student magazine, Aino. In August 2011 the first hard cover album saw daylight, published by Sammakko.